Consolidate your operational data

We help organizations gain a deeper understanding of their data, allowing for more efficient decision making. By leveraging proven, open-source technologies and sweep’s own deep metric analysis technology, we automate data workflows to help you uncover insights at a real-time pace. Simply put, we leverage technology to make your business run more efficiently and enable digital transformation.

Our Clients

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Workflows guided by Sweep


By identifying data silos across your organization. Tribal knowledge can be standardized and leveraged for more advanced real-time decision making.


Automated workflows utilizing technologies appropriate to your organization. These workflows remove the need for manual intervention, allowing you to focus on building value.


We provide support so that your operations remain running optimally. We support your team with the expertise and guidance to optimize your data workflows.

Our Capabilities


Add automation to complex data source

Big data workflows can be repetitive and cumbersome, holding back organizational resources which can be better served elsewhere

We work with your data to design, improve or create systems that enable self-sustained process and tooling to allow for streamlined operation across your organization. If it can be measured, we can help your team identify the appropriate connector to collect sources of data.

Transform and manage your data

We work with clients to identify the structured data sets that can be funneled into an environment where insights can be extracted and turned into sources of truth

Using container technology, we can set up software monitors to extract and transform your operational data for later consumption by custom business logic or sweepAPI infrastructure. Through the sweepAPI, data consolidation from a variety of siloed environments is made simple. Advanced features in the sweepAPI, allow for real-time message passing of metric data to your organization’s custom software, while still isolating and protecting the internal source.


Secure and store effectively

Using advanced container technology, we can connect your data sources and unify them into metric streams on the sweepAPI

Through the use of the sweepAPI, we secure and store your operational data in the cloud. By standardizing your time-series data, the api can be used to secure access to large operational datasets from anywhere. Whether you’re storing 1GB or 1TB of operational data from across multiple geographic locations, the sweepAPI grows dynamically with your requirements, supporting your specific business needs.

Continuous Improvement Through Data Exploration

Continuous Improvement through the leveraging of accurate organization metrics

The use of historical data across your organization can uncover hidden operational improvements for enabling business benefits such as reduced costs, improved product quality and better responsiveness to rapidly changing market conditions. By organizing your operational data into key sources of truth, your team can begin to monitor more critically for inefficiency and find relationships between key metrics and develop KPIs that are relevant to your organization.


Technology Expertise

Our Products

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Metrics Storage and Analytics Infrastructure Made Simple

Unify and standardize your data. Analyze time-series data using condition-based monitoring. Provide your team with a simple API to transform and protect your data sources without exposing internal networks.

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Facility Ops

With Sweeps Monitoring App, you can easily observe your data from your phone. Powered by the SweepAPI, you can easily scale your monitoring operations through a scalable cloud-based solution. Set and receive metric triggers that will alert you when a trigger condition is met.

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    Talk To An Expert

    Sweep can provide guidance and support for your next data project. Lean on our expertise to leverage our software.

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    Identify Key Objectives

    Working with your team, we identify the required technology workflows to solve your operational goals.

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    Deliver Project Alignment

    Sweep completes the required software integration and provides ongoing support to keep you going strong year-round.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your pricing model?

Pricing is determined by project scope. We charge for integrations required, sweepAPI storage/analytics capacity and required workflow connectors.

Is there a free Trial?

Your able to make an account on to gain immediate access to our app and api. You can also review our api documentation, to begin experimenting with our api at your convenience at
* Certain features and usage limits may be imposed for free trial users of the service.

How is my data being secured and kept private?

We utilize industry-standard methods to store and processes your data safely. This includes requiring encrypted communications between you and our services. Isolated staging of production processes to ensure uptime and data process integrity. Controlled and limited public-key based access to production servers and data. A quality assurance process to vet our cloud-based service for production use.

Can my non-technical team benefit from sweep?

Yes, we work with your team to realize your vision. With the sweepAPI and facility-ops technologies, we limit the need for complicated custom software requirements, so that your team can benefit from already pre-built software packages and infrastructure. Our team can provide you the required technical support to complement the strengths of your business.

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